Darrell Hall – I Have A Famous Sounding Name, So Should I Take Advantage Of It?

Hello, my name is Darrell Hall. Welcome to my site.

For all of my life, I have had a famous name as “Darrell Hall”. My name may sound famous, buy I’m not…LOL. You may have made it to this page because you were looking for information on Hall & Oates. I will eventually have links to information about them as I slowly build this page.

I have had this domain name darrellhall.com for several years.

Several years back, I was curious and got online one day and went to Godaddy to see if my name was available. I was surprised that it was, so I decided to buy it. Heck it’s not too much. Less than 12 bucks usually. If your interested in checking if your name is available, click here, and you will be redirected to Godaddy. I have been using Godaddy.com for years for all of my domain purchases. Never had any issues with them. 🙂 Use this coupon code at check out WOWdhall01. To tell you the truth, for every purchase through my site I get a small commission. Thank you in advance if you decided to purchase your name from them!

I decided to go ahead and activate my domain Darrell Hall simply because I got interested in the I.M. (Internet Marketing) niche. This has turned into a hobby for me. I currently own about 200 domains and market different products off of them. Not all are activated yet, I just grabbed the domains that showed “organic traffic”. In the I.M. industry, free organic traffic is what every marketer wants!

At this time, my name, due to it’s famous connection, gets 480 exact match searches per month globally.  Now 480 exact match search is not that much, but any free traffic helps.

One day I will beef up this page and add lots more content. I’m just throwing something up right now so that the search engines will see that the key word “darrell hall” is on a site that says darrellhall.com .

I.M. has turned out to be challenging but fun. At first it’s kind of overwhelming! Well so is learning how to play a new instrument, playing golf and whatever sport or new venture you start.

I recently had several large trees removed from my property. The company who did the work cut the trees, removed the debris, and used a stump grinder on all the stumps. Since I knew how to build websites and market online, the company I hired to do the work asked me to build them a website. I agreed and saved $1500 off my bill!

I have several YouTube videos online too promoting my programs and products. Here’s the link to it Click Here.

Come to think of it, I should put up a YouTube video about Daryl Hall and John Oates. Until then, see below. I’m posting Private Eyes by Hall & Oates.

Thanks for visiting my Darrell Hall website. Like I said before, I’ve got a famous sounding name and I’m gonna take advantage of it!


Having this name “Darrell Hall”and seeing that it gets searches, I decided to take advantage of it. I know one things for sure, the organic searches online, aren’t looking for me! Well I hope not anyways…LOL!

Darrell Hall

Myself & My Awesome Wife Charlene.